Personal Digital Care For Cross-Generational Americans

SL Digital Makeover

Digital care is self-care for modern-day Americans. The SL Digital Makeover helps showcase professional and personal achievements, celebrate special occasions, and create personal brand differentiation by providing personal digital care for cross-generational Americans to adapt and thrive in multi-channel communications. Services include content curation and marketing, digital and collateral design, career and event planning email, and security and privacy checkup.  





Hyperlocal Digital Strategies & Security Analyses

SL Solution

With growing competitions and challenges like bots and reinforcing algorithms, a centralized process to develop and execute digital strategies and cybersecurity analyses are essential to creating and maintaining brand differentiation for business owners and politicians in the United States. The SL Solution helps save time and delivers quality results in real time by providing industry-specific digital care for executives to adapt and thrive in multi-channel communications. Working together in real time is raising the standard of digital care where it matters most.

Digital and Social Advertising


Data Mining and Management


Graphic Design


Email Data and Content Marketing


Cyber Security


Hyperlocal Strategy


Teamwork makes the dream work. - Charles Jenkins


"Our organization is attempting to leverage technology to reach and educate large numbers of people on the internet and through mobile platforms. Sze is putting us in the game. Her approach is professional and her work is outstanding. We really couldn't ask for more from this relationship."

Robert Benz, Executive Vice President for Frederick Douglass Family Initiatives

"Sze Lee handled a lot of my communications during my state legislative campaign. She was and is an exceptional talent. She is detail-oriented, has amazing follow through, and is amazingly innovative. I could always count on her to be professional and she always delivered on her promises. I highly recommend her."

Jose Felix Diaz, Florida State Representative, 2010-2017

"Sze is a wonderful consultant who is able to take your project from beginning to end with excellence. She has a great ability to help strategize and plan a project at the onset, and work very independently to execute the project moving forward. Sze goes above and beyond to over deliver on her project goals."

Gita Runkle, Dean of Business Education for Rio Hondo College